Numeral cancels of the Dutch East Indies




This website is about the numeral cancels used in the Dutch East Indies from 1874 through 1893. The purpose of this Website is to supply information about these cancels, based on illustrations of these cancels on individual stamps, as well as on cover.


There is a Simple Philatelic Dictionary from Dutch to English.


The majority of the illustrations come from my own collection. Where I don’t make use of my own material I have indicated this. Besides illustrations of numeral cancels I am also supplying information based on well known publications, listed in the biography. I am especially grateful to the ‘eminent numeral cancel experts’, Peter Storm van Leeuwen and Paul Bulterman, who gave permission to use the information in their publications.


The Website is not ‘complete’ and most likely never will be. We are still finding stamps and covers  with numeral cancels that supplement  the history. I have been given permission to use illustrations coming from the collections of  Jappie Braaksma, Leo Koning, Ab Stolk, Paul Bulterman, Stuart Leven, Bert Schuring, Jan Hoogveld, Boy Hendrix and Gauke Kootstra.



Downloading the illustrations and publications can take a bit of time, depending on your Internet connection. I have chosen to use high density illustrations and publications in PDF format. These are relatively large files, showing the minute details of the illustrations. This way these illustrations and publications can be used for further study.


I do hope that you enjoy your visit to my Website and that it might give an extra dimension to the collecting of numeral cancels.


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